イベント・冠婚葬祭・ 式典
  • With more than 1,500 abundant experiences, we accept a wide range of moderators such as ceremonial occasions, parties, in-house events, and lectures.
  • Special events, we always aim to be a moderator who is close to our customers so that every moment of the day shines.
  • Based on the refreshing and bright MC, we will realize the atmosphere according to your request.
  • We accept online moderators in Japanese.
  • We support all genres such as online meetings, online ceremonies, and online events.
  • You can also broadcast from your own studio. Prices vary depending on the time, so please contact us first.


Please access our application form and fill in the required fields. If you have the manuscript, please attach it to the form and send it.

Confirmation of contents
(online / phone, email)

Based on the manuscript you received, we will hear specific images such as nuances, usage scenes, and confirmation of accents.


The fee will be calculated according to the number of characters and contents of the finalized manuscript. In addition, we will also inform you of the delivery date at this point, and when you are satisfied, you will be contracted.

Recording / editing-delivery

Editing will be done once voice recording is completed by our narrator. We will deliver the data in the format specified by the customer, such as WAV and MP3.


We will issue an invoice as soon as we receive the contract. You can choose to pay by credit card *, debit card, or bank transfer.


  • The 27th of Japan America grassroots summit.
  • The 30th anniversary convention of the interfaith forum.
  • NPO world conference on Women.
  • NTT Asia pacific international conference(Tokyo)