Balloon Art

  • We will deliver balloon art that is perfect for various events such as weddings, birthdays, store displays, etc. according to your budget.
  • We will propose a production image according to the space of the venue.
  • Caricature balloons and gifts start at 10,000 yen, and decoration requests start at 50,000 yen. We offer flexible support from balloon art delivery to business trip decoration.

Contact Us

Please fill in the required items from the application form and send it.

Confirmation of contents
(online / phone, email, face-to-face)

We will listen to what you want to learn and set up a curriculum.


We will calculate the charge according to the contents confirmed. Once you are satisfied, you will be contracted.

Balloon art decoration

We carried out training according to the menu.


We will issue an invoice after the training is completed. Please make payment within 3 business days after receiving the invoice.

Past Works


Example of bridal decorations

Correspondence according to the image. For example, the entrance and the main table.

Examples of decorations for shopping malls,
stages and event venues

Photo spots are also available, which attracts more customers!

Valentines Day decoration example

The escalator is also gorgeous.

Examples of anniversary gifts and giveaways

Please let us know your size preference.

Space decoration example

In addition to balloon dresses and transformation balloons, balloon costumes are also available.

Surprise for loved ones

Let’s decorate the room with balloons to convey your feelings.