Private Lessons


We are holding highly acclaimed private lessons recommended for those who might have the experiences mentioned below;

  • I was suddenly asked to host a wedding ceremony. I’m not confident in speaking.
  • I want to train as a bilingual moderator
  • In order to become an announcer, I want to acquire the ability to speak correctly and read manuscripts properly.

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We will listen to what you want to learn and set up a curriculum.


We will calculate the charge according to the contents confirmed. Once you are satisfied, you will be contracted.


Payment will have to be made in advance. As soon as the transfer is confirmed, the application will be completed and the course schedule can be secured.

Private lesson

We will firmly support you toward your goals, such as wanting to be an announcer or host of a ceremonial occasion, hosting a meeting, learning how to speak and making use of it in your business.


60分 : 5,500円

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Saki Voice Japan works with the world’s top narrators who have been involved in narration with many major companies.
Please feel free to let us know your language and image. You will surely be satisfied!

Steve Edwards

Steve, an active narrator and talent who is in charge of voice over at Saki Voice Japan. He has many world-renowned clients (Toyota, Morgan Stanley, Denso, etc.) and has a reputation for his powerful yet delicate voice.

Voice Sample

TV Commercial

Manami Hamashita

An active bilingual moderator of a former Miyazaki Broadcasting announcer who is in charge of managing overseas talents of Saki Voice Japan. Experienced bilingual moderator at many international conferences and events. While she was a graduate student at Osaka University, her treatise was published in an authoritative document, and she is a reliable source of translation.

Atsuko Hirose

30 years of experience as a free announcer on FM Osaka, ABC Asahi Broadcasting, etc. In addition to the talent office and training center, she is also a lecturer at the Yuki Culture Center and a full-time lecturer at the Department of Voice Actors at Kobe Institute of Computing. She holds many achievements in producing professional voice actors and narrators. Atsuko is in charge of individual lessons as a remote teacher at Saki voice Japan.